Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Updated Vanity & Room Tour

hello my loves! i know its been way overdue for me to post a blog and actually film a video but here i am and i hope you all like it :) i've been obsessing over these vanity girl hollywood mirrors ever since i discovered them from other YT gurus and it's taken me years to finally decide on going for it! best shopping decision i've made in a LONG time! it pretty much completes my room and takes the glam factor to another level and i LOVE it!

quick facts about
- Vanity Girl's marketing team is based in Hollywood, the brand is popular with celebs like Kim Kardashian Jennifer Love Hewitt and Raven Symone. The tour teams of Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston have also use the brand backstage.

facts about the mirror
- packaging was protected and safe
- quick and easy to install
- top notch quality
- bulbs are included
- allen wrench included

use "floofy1" promotional code for 5% off!
expires: midnight PST 02/14/12

lights dim

lights at full brightness



  1. This is pretty rad.
    When i get a job i am fersure saving up for this. It makes sense for me to spend that kind of money for this. I can be so vain sometimes x)
    it all depends what the person is into.

  2. I desperately need one of these! Nice room! :D

  3. Yayy freaking yayy LoL ! I'm so happy to see you're blogging again and even made a video ~ so happy! Although it's been months YOU are still my all time favourite YT'er! <3

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