Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Current Favorites!

hello all! decided to do a current favorites video, this probably won't be a monthly thing since i'm a creature of habit and tend to stick to the same things :) hope you enjoy it!



  1. great favorites, very nice curler

  2. Loved seeing all your choices! Just found you on youtube, love getting other people's ideas and you have great taste.

  3. I really like the subtle make up that you have chosen...suits your face so beautifully and makes you look so very natural and beautiful...the shape that you have achieved to have given to your eyes are also lovely.Thanks for discussing the helps to know what's good for the make up and look.

  4. Hey there ! I have been watching your videos since 2010 and for me you are the best youtuber so far.

    Hope you are still doing things.

    Take care!

    Greetings from London!

  5. awww so i was tagged to do a tag...and i did it but one of the requirements was to tag 11 other people, i figured if im tagging 11 people i might as well ask the questions to my favorite blogger.
    so i tagged you if you dont mind, you dont have to do it.

    here the link of the answers.

  6. Nice vid!

    I'd love you to follow me, I always follow back!
    XOXO Strange Obsessions

  7. I haven't seen any recent vids ):

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  10. missing your post and videos !
    I a new in this world so please, check y blog out ;) cheers!

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  14. Love your phone cover!

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